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At the University of Michigan, writing plays a critical role in students' thinking and learning, beginning with the first year and continuing into advanced writing in the disciplines. Students' ability to write prose characterized by analytic complexity, clarity, appropriate organization and development of ideas, effective use of evidence, cogency, and rhetorical awareness is crucial to their success both during their undergraduate years and beyond.

The Sweetland Center for Writing exists to support student writing at all levels and in all forms and modes, including writing from multilingual and international undergraduate student writers. To accomplish this mission, Sweetland:

  • helps students choose their first writing course;
  • approves courses to satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement;
  • approves courses from other institutions that satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement for transfer students;
  • approves courses to satisfy the Upper-Level Writing Requirement;
  • operates a Writing Workshop for both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • operates a Writing Workshop for undergraduate international and multilingual students;
  • operates four Peer Tutoring Centers, the Synchronous Online Writing Lab (SyncOWL) and the Online Writing Lab (OWL) for undergraduates;
  • trains undergraduates to become Peer Tutors in WRITING 300: Seminar in Peer Tutoring and WRITING 301: Directed Peer Tutoring;
  • teaches
    • WRITING 100: Transition to College Writing,
    • WRITING 120: College Writing for Multilingual Writers,
    • WRITING 200: New Media Writing,
    • WRITING 220: Introduction to the Minor in Writing,
    • WRITING 350: Excelling in Upper-Level Writing,
    • WRITING 400: Advanced Rhetoric and Research,
    • WRITING 410: Quantitative Analysis and Writing in the Disciplines,
    • WRITING 430: The Teaching of Writing,
    • WRITING 630: Advanced Writing for Graduate Students,
    • WRITING 993: Teaching Writing in the Disciplines
  • offers the academic Minor in Writing; and
  • sponsors first-year and upper-level writing prizes.

Writing Support for Students, including International and Multilingual Undergraduates

The Sweetland Center for Writing aims to help writers become more confident, skilled, and knowledgeable about writing and the subjects they write about. Sweetland faculty and peer tutors supplement formal writing instruction with one-to-one consultations in the Writing Workshop, Peer Tutoring Centers, Online Writing Lab (OWL), and Synchronous Online Writing Lab (SyncOWL).

Writing Workshop. Writing Workshop, held in 1310 North Quad, offers free half-hour one-to-one consultations with Sweetland writing instructors for students who want feedback on their writing. Make an appointment on our website, www.lsa.umich.edu/sweetland.

Peer Tutoring. The Sweetland Center for Writing also operates four Peer Tutoring Centers located in G219 Angell Hall, 1136 Shapiro Undergraduate Library, 1059 Alice Lloyd Hall, and 2322 Bursley Hall on North Campus where students can get writing help on a walk-in basis from Sweetland-trained undergraduates.

Synchronous Online Writing Lab (SyncOWL) and Online Writing Lab (OWL). Peer Tutors also provide feedback on writing online in real-time via SyncOWL and within 72 hours for papers submitted to the OWL.

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