Women's Studies Program Departmental Information

Women’s Studies offers students the opportunity to study the systems of gender, politics, and representation that shape women’s lives. As a discipline, Women’s Studies asks:

  • How does being a woman affect one’s participation in the family, economy, politics, art, and literature?
  • How do language, belief, and visual representation convey meaning about women’s and men’s status in society?
  • How has that status changed historically?
  • How does the experience of women vary by class, race, nationality, and sexual orientation?

Questions like these have produced an extensive body of scholarship that puts gender at the center of analysis.

The Women's Studies department is a diverse intellectual community dedicated to excellence through feminist research, teaching, and activism. It seeks to build interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty and students that bridge gender, ethnic, economic, religious, and national divides; create new knowledge about women, gender, race, and sexuality; challenge unequal distributions of power; and improve the lives of all women and men.


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