Middle Eastern and North African Studies Faculty Listing


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Associate Professor Gottfried Hagen (Near Eastern Studies), Director

Academics and Requirements


Bardakjian (Near Eastern Studies)

Beckman (Near Eastern Studies)

Boccaccini (Near Eastern Studies)

Bonner (Near Eastern Studies)

Cole (History)

Ekotto (Comparative Literature, Afroamerican and African Studies)

J. Fine (History)

Flannery (Anthropology)

Gitelman (Political Science)

Hayes (Romance Languages)

Heath (Linguistics)

Herbert (Classics)

Jackson (Near Eastern Studies, Law)

Knysh (Near Eastern Studies)

LeGassick (Near Eastern Studies)

Lindner (History)

Michalowski (Near Eastern Studies)

Nevett (Classics)

Rammuny (Near Eastern Studies)

Ratté (Classics/History of Art)

Richards (Near Eastern Studies)

Robertson (Anthropology)

Root (History of Art)

Shammas (Near Eastern Studies, Comparative Literature)

Shryock (Anthropology)

Tessler (Political Science)

Thornton (Sociology)

Van Dam (History)

Verhoogt (Classics)

Waltz (Public Policy)

Whallon (Anthropology)

Wilfong (Near Eastern Studies)

Wilson (Epidemiology)

Wright (Anthropology)

Associate Professors

Alhawary (NES)

Babayan (Near Eastern Studies)

Bardenstein (Near Eastern Studies)

Cole (History)

Eliav (Near Eastern Studies)

Fadlalla (Women's Studies)

Ginsberg (Near Eastern Studies)

Göçek (Sociology)

Hagen (Near Eastern Studies)

Konuk (Comparative Literature/German)

Mallette (RLL)

Moyer (History)

Neis (History)

Northrop (History, Near Eastern Studies)

Pinsker (Near Eastern Studies/Judaic Studies)

Schmidt (Near Eastern Studies)

Soliman (Epidemiology)

Szpiech (Romance Languages)

Thomas (History of Art)

Tsoffar (Comparative Literature, Women's Studies)

Assistant Professors

Barzilai (NES)

Even (Art & Design)

Fancy (History)

Gursel (Anthropology)

Mattawa (English)

Muehlberger (NES)


Professor Emeritus

Endelman (History)

Yoffee (Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology)


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