Program Overview

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The French Internship Program gives University of Michigan students the opportunity to put their French language skills into practice in a work environment.  Placed in positions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, French-speaking Canada and French-speaking Africa, students are expected to perform work-related tasks as required by their employers. Internships usually last 6-12 weeks.


Are you eligible to apply for an internship abroad this summer?

Application Timeline

Information on application deadlines and placement confirmations.

Application Process

Details about Online Application and Required Supplemental Materials

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It is advisable to begin seeking as soon as you apply for your internship.  See here for links to possible funding sources.

NB: The LSA Internship Scholarship Fund can also be awarded for International Internships.

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Do I Need a Visa?

Visa requirements are your responsibility.  As the relationships between countries change, the laws governing travel between countries change also.

Why Go?

"In my internship, after having come in with no wine, sales, or marketing knowledge, I was able to completely take over a wine store..."


Payment and compensation for internship jobs abroad

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Academic Requirements and Expectations

Interns will be expected to complete 3 academic requirements

Internship Placement through LSA

Information about internship placement and finding your own internships

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Living Arrangements

Living situations will vary...

Required Health Insurance

The University of Michigan requires all students traveling abroad on UM programs to purchase travel insurance through the University. 

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