Program Overview

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The internship positions we offer in the United Kingdom are made available to Michigan students through contacts from generous and supportive U-M alumni. The industries and functions of the positions vary widely, yet they all offer the opportunity for an exciting and rewarding professional experience abroad and to become connected with the wonderful network of U-M alumni in the UK!

Living Arrangements and Compensation

In the UK, there will be both paid and unpaid internship positions offered. Please note that housing in the United Kingdom can be quite expensive, especially in London, and most of the positions do not provide housing. We will provide some suggestions on the LSA program website for places to look for student housing in London, and students will need to plan to arrange for their own housing.

Internship Placement

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As we are working with U-M alumni to develop these internships, it is possible that positions will continue to be added as alumni are in contact with the program. Continue to check the LSA program website for an updated list of the opportunities available in the UK.

Timeline for Summer 2015

Goldman Sachs International applications are due December 1. This is earlier than the MCompass deadline for other internship positions. Atlantic Customer Solutions applications are still due December 15.

Visa Requirements

Students who are US citizens interning in the UK will be required to obtain a visa. We are working with several organizations that facilitate this process for students, and with their help, it could be a time consuming and expensive process that may take as long as 6 weeks and cost over $1000.

Most employers in the UK do not take care of the visa arrangements for interns and it will be the responsibility of the student to complete the necessary steps. We will provide more information about visas and the organizations as positions have been confirmed. Students who are not US or UK citizens are eligible to participate in the program and the student will need to determine the visa requirements based on the UK Home Office requirements for their country of citizenship.

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