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Placement In Internship 

Placement through the International Internships Program is NOT guaranteed. Once you have applied, your information will be forwarded to the companies in which you have expressed an interest. They will select a few candidates to interview by telephone or Skype and make a hiring decision. 

The best way to make sure you have an internship this summer is to secure one yourself. If you find and complete an internship not traditionally associate with this program, you may still participate in the program as outlined here and still receive credit. 

How to Find Your Own Internship

Even though you have applied for an internship through the International Internships Program, searching for your own position at the same time will give you more chance of being certain to be able to work abroad this summer. 

Many online internship companies  promise all kinds of jobs and ask for a large non-refundable fee upfront. Some of these are legitimate, however, most students so far, have been able to locate an internship without paying a third-party company. 

Here are some good leads to follow: 
  • The French consulates in Chicago and Washington DC offer internship positions each year.  Check out the details at: 
  • The UM International Center has several good leads for international internship hunting. To receive email updates from the International Center contact Bill Nolting ( 
  • In association with the International Center, the director of ICE Menlo (an international internship placement company) interviews UM undergrads in December and January.  He charges a small fee to place students, but we have followed many who taken his positions and been very happy. Contact to find out when ICE Menlo will visit our campus.  Check out ICE Menlo on the web at:
  • You may consider working for a volunteer association or a non-profit company (NGO, en fran├žais).  If you are part of their work force and functioning in French every day, you are still eligible for credit.  
Some places to look for volunteer or non-profit work: 
  • In many French-speaking countries: (organic farming) 
  • The best scenario here is to pick something you are interested in and begin searching on the web.


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