International Internship Program

Spain Landscape

View of the Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain
Photo Credit: Anna O'Toole, June 2015

France Interns at Work

U-M Interns working at KEDGE in Marseille, France
Photo Credit: Haley Schafer, June 2015

India Interns

U-M Interns in Dehradun, India
Photo Credit: Anna Luna Archey, June 2015

India Teaching

Amanda Grayson ('16) teaching in Deharadun, India
Photo Credit: Anna Luna Archey, June 2015

Ireland Internship Photo for Slideshow

Mira Kovacova ('17) at Qualtrics in Dublin, Ireland
Photo Credit: Mira Kovacova, June 2015

Turkey Teaching

Kasie Pleiness ('16) teaching in Ankara, Turkey
Photo Credit: Kasie Pleiness, June 2015

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