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Jhena V

Representative Costello with Jhena Vigrass (middle) and other Government Relation interns of Wilderness Society. Jhena began her internship with Wilderness Society in the Summer of 2015. She is a Fall 2015 U-M graduate with a double major in Program in the Environment (PitE) and School of Music.

Most unpaid internships require you to receive academic credit to make you eligible. If you would like to earn credit in LSA for your internship, there are generally two options: 

  • Credit through a college-wide one-credit course (UC/ALA 225)
  • Credit through the department of your major

UC/ALA 225 – Undergraduate Internship (1cr)  The purpose of UC/ALA 225 is to integrate academic and experiential learning through off-campus internships. This course is designed to ensure students fully prepare to engage in all learning aspects of their internship and gain credit for the academic requirements associated with the course.

In this course, you will:

  • Establish goals for your internship experience
  • Document your experiences through a personal blog
  • Develop skills for framing your internship experience


For more information, please download the following documents:

UC/ALA 225 Registration Instructions

Learn how to 'Register An Internship' into the LSA Internship Network (students only)

UC/ALA 225 Course Description

Read about the prerequisites, requirements, and enrollment instructions for UC/ALA 225

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