The purpose of UC 225 is to integrate academic and experiential learning through off-campus internships. This course is designed to ensure students fully prepare to engage in all learning aspects of their internship and gain credit for the academic requirements associated with the course. Students will be expected to develop a reflective and critical understanding of their experiences in three stages:


  • Before leaving campus: Attending preparation classes and learning the best way to approach critical aspects of their experience to maximize learning potential.
  • During the internship: Communicating with peers and faculty via blog posts and Skype interviews: There will be asynchronous open forum problem-solving dialogues and live one-on-one discussions.
  • Upon return to campus: Students will demonstrate their ability to synthesize their internship and academic experiences, concentrating on the active learning outcomes and how they will translate to career goals.

To enroll in UC 225, students will secure their own internship positions (in the U.S. or globally), follow the steps to obtain an override into the class, attend 2 required pre-departure meetings before their internship, fulfill required online course projects — which include blogging during the internship — and produce a polished end-product presentation.

Important: Students must register for this class BEFORE they begin the internship. No permission will be given to students who have already completed an internship. To meet the requirements of the course, the internship must meet at least 100 hours over at least three weeks. Students must be returning to U-M to continue their studies in Fall 2014 to be eligible to enroll in UC 225.

How to enroll: To obtain permission to enroll in UC 225, follow these steps:

  1. Secure an internship position.
  2. Register yourself and your internship position in the LSA Internship Network — Experiential Learning Module; Follow prompts to complete the following:
    1. Confirm your name, unique name, id# and contact info in your LSA IN profile.
    2. Provide the name of the company/organization providing the internship, the position title and the contact information for the person in charge of the hiring process.
    3. Upload the offer letter confirming your position.
    4. Complete UC 225 / Internship Information form with details about your internship.
  3. Check umich email for override to enroll in UC 225.
    When position information submitted in LSA IN has been approved, an override to enroll in UC 225 will be sent to umich email. Use override to register for UC 225 in Wolverine Access as a Fall 2014 course, before the internship begins.
  4. Students will then receive an electronic copy of the syllabus and also be informed which pre-departure workshops they should attend.


Course Requirements:


  1. Register position information in the LSA Internship Network before internship begins
  2. Attend 2 pre-departure meetings in April 2014
  3. Submit 6 blog entries during internship in Spring/Summer 2014
  4. Complete evaluations in LSA IN (self, position, and employer) — September 2014
  5. Submit slide deck for 10 minute presentation of internship experience — September 2014
  6. Attend one reunion meeting in October 2014


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