When You Return

Now that your internship has concluded and you are back on campus, take some time to think about your internship experiences, both the successes and the challenges, and how they have changed you, and your career and academic goals. 

You have had a valuable opportunity to get an inside view of an industry and organization or company.  Consider taking some additional steps to make the most of the internship you have completed as you prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead.    

  • Keep in Touch — You have likely met many people during your internship experience and it is important to maintain contact with this network.  The people you worked with during your internship are familiar with you, your skills and your interests, and they can be a great source of advice, mentorship and even connect you with professional opportunities in the future.  
  • Develop your Presentation Materials —  Gather documents, brochures, videos, or any products from your internship that help you demonstrate the work that you did and the skills you are building.  Think about how you will highlight your experiences in a cover letter and resume.  Everyone's experiences and goals are different and be sure to visit the U-M Career Center to discuss how best to represent yourself in this important step.  
  • Talk About It — Talk with anyone who will listen about your internship.  Describing your duties, telling stories and explaining your impressions to friends, family and peers will deepen your understanding and help you craft a powerful story that will be important when you are meeting with potential employers in the future. 

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