LSA Global Experience Scholarship Program

Charlotte Keeler - Granada, Spain_3
Brooke Dexter - Athens, Greece
Charlotte Keeler - Granada, Spain_4
Chelsea Segal - Buenos Aires, Argentina_1
Kyle Nowels - Rome, Italy
Charlotte Keeler - Granada, Spain_2
Chelsea Segal - Buenos Aires, Argentina_2
Charlotte Keeler - Granada, Spain_1
Lisa Usselman - Oxford, England
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LSA Global Experience Scholarships for CGIS Programs

The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts is committed to provide financial support to students with demonstrated financial need who are participating in international programs through the University of Michigan.

Student applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be students pursuing a degree program in the College of LSA
  • Must be participating in UM programs abroad through the Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS)
  • Must apply for and receive need-based support through the Office of Financial Aid
  • Students may not be eligible for scholarships if their graduation date is prior to or during their travel abroad
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident (possess a green card)

Application Process:

  • Students must apply for scholarship at the same time they apply to their CGIS program. Both applications are accessed through M-Compass.
  • Students applying for multiple CGIS programs need to complete an application for each separate program.
    • There is a separate application for each CGIS program area as well (GIEU, GCC and CGIS—see below).
  • Students must disclose their expected financial contribution and any additional scholarships or financial support they have or receive.
  • Once a student is accepted to their CGIS study abroad program, they will need to complete a Study Abroad Financial Aid Request form that they will need to complete and submit to the Office of Financial Aid.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Students are required to share their study abroad experience with their scholarship donors through a thank you survey after they return.
  • Recipients must complete five hours of service through the CGIS office.
  • During their time abroad, scholarship recipients must complete a minimum of 67% of all credit hours each semester.
    • If students do not successfully complete these requirements, their scholarship will be retroactively cancelled, and it will impact their eligibility to receive scholarship support in the future.

Financial Aid Abroad

For more information about the types of financial aid that apply to a specific program, please visit  Please contact OFA with any questions you may have about the financial aid available for your program. The office is located in the Student Activities Building (2500 SAB) and can be reached by phone at 734-763-6600.

For additional information, click on a CGIS program below:

CGIS Programs (6 weeks or longer)

Scholarships available for students participating in a CGIS program during the entire academic year, or fall, winter, spring or summer terms.

Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU)

Scholarships available for students participating in a GIEU program through CGIS

Global Course Connections (GCC)

Scholarship opportunities for students participating in a GCC program through CGIS

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