It probably goes without saying that an internship is a great way to get practical experience in a particular field (or even to learn that a certain job isn't right for you). But going about getting an internship is another matter - it's a competitive process. LSA and the U-M Career Center can help you prepare for that process. Consider taking advantage of the following resources.

Internship Prep Course

This class provides hands-on training and skill building, designed to prepare LSA students for finding, getting, and succeeding in an internship, and eventually, in a job and a career.

LSA Departments & Programs that Offer Internships

Students who have decided on their concentration are first encouraged to explore this option for internships. Declaring your major and/or pre-requisites courses are usually required before enrolling in one of these courses. Students are encouraged to refer questions to the specific academic departments in which they plan to enroll.

UC 225: Internship Credit through LSA
Career Center Connector

This online tool helps students search for internships and lets employers post positions for which U-M students might quality.

About Internships (via the Career Center)

Learn more about internships - their value, how to apply, etc. -- via U-M's Career Center website.

Seth Buchsbaum - Internships

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