Internship Prep Course

Positioning Yourself for a Successful Internship
UC 170: Section 001

When it comes to selecting interns in competitive situations, employers, including LSA alumni, are desirous of the skills acquired in a liberal arts college. When applying to and interviewing for internships, it's crucial to know how valuable your skills are. As an LSA student, you should be prepared to present yourself with confidence, persuasively speaking about all that you will bring to the workplace. This class provides hands-on training and skill building, designed to prepare LSA students for finding, getting, and succeeding in an internship, and eventually, in a job and a career. An internship can be a transformative experience at any point along one's degree path.

The sophomore year-either rising or following-can be an excellent time to use an internship to explore interests that might help define an academic program during one's remaining years in LSA.

This one-credit course will provide you with both the skills to make yourself competitive for internships and the academic foundation for your success. Much of the course work will focus on concrete skills associated with your representation of yourself, including resume writing, using Linked In and other social media, and developing cover letters, elevator pitches, and interviewing skills. At the same time, we will explore aspects of the world of internships from various academic perspectives. How should we think about the economics of the paid or unpaid internship? How does the psychology of early adulthood bear on the development of autonomy, professional identity, and career interests? How might we think about the traditional culture of work in our society and the changing landscape of work and careers in the 21st century? Course requirements include regular participation in class discussions, research on at least one career field, and a small number of brief writing assignments.

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