Your Sophomore Experience

The College of Literature, Science and the Arts provides a rich support network for your first year of university life. You received a lot of attention as first year students, especially in those early months.

But what happens now that you're a sophomore? A LOT! Take a look at the ideas and opportunities below, for just a sampling.

Contract for Success

Watch our Video Welcome to the College (YouTube)

Associate Dean for Undergrad Education explains the Contract for Success and putting your liberal arts education into a broader context.

Contract for Success (PDF)

Make a deal with yourself. Be intentional and focused about making the most of your LSA education. You'll be shaping your success and your future.

Make the Most of your Sophomore Year

Use these resources to identify opportunities to expand your education, stretch yourself, and discover more fun in LSA.

Requirements Face-Off: Distribution vs. Concentration (PDF)

Consider this: Your concentration is not your destiny. It does not define your future. It is only one part of your education. So what's more important? Distribution or concentration? Read this and decide for yourself.

Sophomore Checklist (PDF)

One of the most common complaints we hear from students is that they didn't realize how much U-M offered until it was too late. Run down this list to see if there are opportunities you should be pursuing right now or sometime soon.

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