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The Gayle Morris Sweetland Center for Writing was established to ensure that all LSA students have opportunities to learn to write well. Founded on the concept that writing is central to the mission of the College, the Center takes a comprehensive approach by tutoring students in their writing, supporting faculty in their course development, and conducting research on the pedagogy of writing in order to develop the most effective methods for teaching. 

The Sweetland Center for Writing offers a broad range of support to U-M students and faculty who are interested in improving their writing—peer tutoring, writing workshops, courses at all levels, oversight of all courses fulfilling the first-year and upper-level writing requirements, a minor in writing, outreach to faculty, support for dissertation writers, and a seminar on writing in the disciplines.

Key Initiatives and Funds

Writing to Learn Science Program +

($2M endowed, $90,000 annually)
The Center has conducted research in introductory chemistry and physics courses (the gateway courses for STEM areas) that shows student learning of key concepts is improved when writing is integrated into instruction. Using tools of learning analytics, the Center is prepared to develop an innovative program of instruction in introductory science courses that will revolutionize teaching at U-M and help address the paucity of U.S. undergraduates who major in STEM areas.

Named Award for Teaching Effectiveness in Upper-Level Writing Instruction +

($300,000 endowed, $15,000 annually)
To recognize teaching excellence and outstanding commitment to promoting good writing in courses that meet the Upper-Level Writing Requirement (ULWR), we would like to establish a named annual award that would be presented to a faculty member, lecturer, or graduate student instructor who has excelled in teaching or assisting in a ULWR course. One or more awards would be presented each year. This award would increase the visibility of the ULWR and encourage teaching excellence.

Curriculum Development Funds +

($10,000 to $50,000 annually)
To keep the Center's courses and services up to date, regular curriculum development is essential. We seek funding to support Sweetland faculty who work on specific projects, such as investigating new digital technologies to update writing methods in new media courses, revising the rubric used to evaluate the electronic portfolios produced by students in Sweetland's Minor in Writing, or developing a course to support international undergraduates in the Upper-Level Writing Requirement course.

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