Newsletter Archive

December 2013 Includes new support for multilingual undergrads, the Beyond Plagiarism project, the growth of the Minor in Writing program, expanded support of graduate student writers in our Dissertation Writing Groups, and more.

December 2012 Includes a look back at ten years of the Dissertation Writing Institute, the growth of our Peer Tutoring Program and Dissertation Writing Groups, a look at the new Writing 350 course for transfer students, and updates from the Minor in Writing as our first cohort nears graduation.

December 2011 Read about recent Sweetland initiatives (review of the College's Upper-Level Writing Requirement, writing groups for graduate students, review of First-Year Writing Requirement courses, Upper-Level Writing Prizes) and the new Minor in Writing program.

December 2010 Articles about Sweetland's move to offices in the new North Quad complex, How I Write series, First-Year Writing Prizes, as well as projects, courses, and research happening at Sweetland.

December 2009 Variety of articles detailing several SWC projects, with a particular focus on SWC's new media initiatives.

December 2008 Variety of articles outlining the state of SWC projects, initiatives, and programs

March 2008 Articles focusing on integrating writing into classes across the curriculum

March 2007 Articles reflecting SWC's successful hosting of the 23rd National Conference of Peer Tutoring in Writing

March 2006 Cross-section of essays from the September 2005 

Special Edition Conference hosted by SWC entitled, "Originality, Imitation, and Plagiarism: A Cross-Disciplinary Conference"

March 2005 Collection of articles written by SWC faculty giving voice to diverse issues that grow out of writing center work

March 2004 Articles by SWC faculty describing the projects and work happening at SWC

Special Edition, March 2004 Overview of the Spring 2003 Sweetland Symposium, "From Writing to Writing"

October 2002 Director Jensen gives his perspective of Sweetland projects, plus three articles written by SWC faculty that take a closer look at writing center issues

February 2002 Articles describing recent events and programs at SWC

Special Edition, February 2002 Director Jensen reports on the "Dissertation Writing Project"

September 2001 Director Jensen's report on the state of Sweetland plus an article describing the benefits to the University as a whole of training select students to serve as writing tutors to their peers

March 2001 Director Jensen's perspective of current writing center activity

Special Edition, March 2001 Presentation of strategies for preventing plagiarism in student work

September 2000 Director Jensen's perspective on key components of SWC's work

Special Edition, September 2000 Two articles exploring group work in writing

January 2000 Sweetland's Associate Director, Phyllis Frus, reports on the role of writing in collaborative learning

Special Edition, January 2000 SWC's Director, Ejner Jensen, describes three "traditions" that encapsulate both the actual and theoretical work the Writing Center performs on the UM campus

September 1999 Message from Sweetland's new director, Ejner J. Jensen

March 1999 Report and photos of annual dinner for current and past participants in the Sweetland Fellows Seminar and a visiting professor attempts to explain what high school teachers can do to help prepare their students for college writing

Special Edition, March 1999 Compilation of suggestions and strategies for effectively responding to student writing

January 1999 Associate Director, Phyllis Frus, reports on the Sweetland Fellows Seminar and how the program influences participants' teaching of writing in "Sweetland Fellows Talk about Writing"

Special Edition, January 1999 Overview of the Sweetland Writing Center's programs

September 1998 Director Theresa L. Tinkle gives an overview of "Works in Progress" at Sweetland

April 1998 Outline of current SWC programs and events, including the transition from the English Composition Board to the Sweetland Writing Center