Fellows Seminar

The Fellows Seminar brings together graduate student instructors (Junior Fellows) and faculty (Senior Fellows) from multiple disciplines who share a commitment to integrating writing in their courses. The program is supported by the College of Literature, Science & the Arts, the Rackham Graduate School, and the Sweetland Center for Writing.

All seminar participants share an interest in:

  • helping students become better writers;
  • integrating writing in their courses;
  • and discussing critical issues in the teaching of writing with colleagues.

Junior Fellows Timeline

In the winter term, Junior Fellows:

  • meet on Fridays from 1-3 PM;
  • confer with visiting speakers;
  • discuss approaches to incorporating writing across the disciplines; and
  • begin preparing a First-Year Seminar (English 125) that meets the First-Year Writing Requirement.
  • receive a $1,000 stipend during the winter term for participating in the Seminar.

In the spring and summer terms:

Junior Fellows meet with Sweetland’s Director, Anne Gere, on a monthly basis to refine their syllabus and discuss other course materials and approaches for teaching in Fall term. Junior Fellows receive a $4,000 stipend during the Spring/Summer term for this work.

In the fall term:

Junior Fellows teach one section of English 125 (a four-credit writing course on a topic related to their discipline) and are supported by a .50 GSI fraction.

Applying for a Junior Fellowship

Application materials include:

  • A letter (maximum two pages) describing your previous teaching experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of candidacy status, number of years in program, and expected date of degree completion
  • One teaching recommendation from a faculty member
  • Teaching evaluation summaries (where available)

Criteria for selection:

  • Within ten-term rule for Fall Term
  • Interest in and commitment to integrating writing into courses
  • Achievement of candidacy (preferred)
  • GSI experience (teaching in a course meeting the Upper-Level Writing Requirement is highly desired)

Please contact Laura Schuyler at schuyler@umich.edu or 936-3144 with questions.

The application deadline for Winter-Fall 2017 Junior Fellowships is in late February 2016. More details TBA. Selections will be announced via email in early April.


What previous participants have said:
Ben Gunsberg
Graduate Student, English and Education

"The Sweetland Seminar was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had as a graduate student. Not only did I learn a great deal about the teaching of writing but, because of of the Seminar's interdisciplinary constitution, I became familiar with those epistemological concerns that sometimes unite and sometimes divide writing across disciplines."

Jennifer Solheim
Graduate Student
French Language and Literature

"The Sweetland seminar offers a space for graduate students and faculty who are interested in theories of writing and writing pedagogy to work through both practical and theoretical issues. I find myself referring back to my notes and readings from the seminar on a regular basis in my teaching and assessment of student writing. This seminar not only made me more aware of the intentions, aims, and possible pitfalls of writing assessment, but it also helped me refine my own writing and revision processes."