Consultations and Workshops

The Sweetland Center for Writing seeks to support and improve the teaching of writing at the University of Michigan. Sweetland Center for Writing workshops introduce faculty across the University to the challenges of teaching writing in courses that both instruct students in particular fields of study and help students develop the sophisticated writing skills they will need throughout their undergraduate careers. With this in mind, we will gladly come to your department or hold workshops at Sweetland to meet with faculty and GSIs on a variety of topics, such as:

  • responding effectively to and evaluating student writing, both in drafts and in final versions;
  • working with multilingual students;
  • designing and sequencing writing and research assignments;
  • reviewing grammar, mechanics, and style issues;
  • integrating technology into the classroom;
  • designing and evaluating online course projects; and
  • citing sources and preventing plagiarism.

Sweetland offers presentations and workshops in the classroom that deal with common and more specialized issues in writing. We tailor all workshops to meet specific classroom needs. Additionally, our brief informational classroom visits introduce your students to Sweetland writing support services. Please contact Sweetland at or 764-0429 to discuss scheduling a workshop tailored to your or your department's need.