College Writing for International Students

Writing 120 is intended for all students who feel most comfortable with academic writing in a language other than English. This course is designed to help students develop their general and academic writing abilities in English as an additional language. Students will develop written fluency and improve command over textual, rhetorical, grammatical, and discursive conventions common in a variety of academic disciplines with the aim of developing a rhetorical perspective on multilingualism as it relates to academic writing. To that end, students will:

  • Develop critical reading strategies and draw upon models of successful writing that will inform their own writing;
  • Revise their papers both individually and collaboratively for content, organization, and argumentation;
  • Learn to edit their papers for language clarity and appropriate format;
  • Develop insights into their strengths and weaknesses as writers through reflective writing and the creation of an electronic writing portfolio; and
  • In individual meetings with their instructor, define goals for themselves as writers that may inform their literacy practices beyond the course and afford them the confidence to meet writing challenges at the college level

Course Requirements

  • Writing in a variety of genres and media, totaling the equivalent of 25 pp. of polished writing (4-6 papers or projects)
  • Revision of all major writing projects and participation in peer review and writing workshops
  • Completion of an electronic portfolio that fosters self-reflection and demonstrates progress in writing
  • Regular participation in a course blog to practice low-stakes writing and foster a sense of audience
  • Regular one-to-one meetings with instructor
  • Regular class attendance and engagement
  • Completion of all reading assignments, and additional low-stakes writing assignments