Samples of Student Work

The Rhetoric of Blogging

LEAP, a blog by Aneesa Japie

Infinite Canvas: Web Comics and Internet Self-Publishing

The Technium by Sarah Osman, investigates the threats of technology in a futuristic world.

The Audio Essay: Remix and Creative-Nonfiction Approaches to the Podcast

In this audio essay, Molly Cohen explores her passion for love songs.

Rewriting the World with Google Maps

In WRITING 200 students analyze and apply rhetorical principles in their writing with new media. A variety of topics and innovation in pedagogy are hallmarks of this course. Why pay attention to multimedia in a writing course? As members of a media-saturated culture, we know that print text is only one form of “writing” and communication, and sometimes it is not the most effective choice. Because all of us make sense of texts and issues in a variety of ways, this course asks students to utilize multimodal (visual, aural, kinetic, etc.) forms of communication and become more informed and critical consumers of new media writing themselves.

These samples represent a small portion of the different approaches to understanding the rhetorical effects of new media.