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Directed Peer Tutoring

This course provides students who have been trained in WRITING 300 with the opportunity to tutor in a supportive environment. Students sign up for one to three credits for which they tutor two to four hours per week and attend a weekly one-hour meeting. In the weekly meeting, students share questions about difficult or unusual tutoring sessions, get feedback and advice from their peers and the instructor, review their student evaluations for the week, and discuss how tutoring can run more smoothly. It is also used for further professional development carried out through reading and writing assignments and projects.

Writing 301 Course Goals

Overarching Goal: To help students become effective writing tutors through practice and dialogue and to provide continued support for staff tutors who attend meetings for pay.

Goal: To provide an opportunity for students to tutor in the Peer Writing Center.

  • Register for 1-3 credits of WRITING 301 and complete the practicum.
  • Tutor up to 15 hours per week.

Goal: To provide an opportunity for ongoing discussions about and reflections on our tutoring experiences.

  • Write reflections on their tutoring experiences.
  • Be observed tutoring and have a one-on-one conversation about the tutorial.
  • Lead and/or participate in discussions about tutoring.
  • Learn to adapt their tutoring strategies to situations they encounter in tutorials.

Goal: To foster connections between 301 students and staff tutors.

  • Mentor one another via small- and full-group discussions about tutorials.
  • Demonstrate a sense of communal responsibility for Peer Writing Center work through clear communication, participation in outreach activities, etc.
  • Participate in solving problems in the Peer Writing Center.

Goal: To engage 301 students in creating a capstone project.

  • Develop a project that speaks to their experiences as tutors.
  • Present their projects at weekly meetings.