Not offered in Winter 2016

Sweetland Chat Cafe provides international and multilingual students an opportunity to improve their spoken English in a relaxed environment. Each group includes 4-5 undergraduate students and is led by the Chat Cafe Facilitator.

Writing 302 (Global Communication: Rhetorical Approaches to Multilingual Conversation) is a 1-credit course for students who are selected as Sweetland Chat Cafe Facilitators.

How to Become a Sweetland Chat Cafe Facilitator

Students who have successfully completed Writing 300 automatically qualify to enroll in Writing 302 and do not need to complete an application. If you would like to learn more or join this program, please notify Molly Bancroft, Sweetland’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator, mollyjb@umich.edu.

Students who have not completed Writing 300 are encouraged to apply. Click the Writing 302 Application button below and fill out the online application form. If selected, you will be granted permission to enroll in the class. In consultation with the instructor, you will arrange a regular time for your weekly Chat Cafe members to meet. If you would like to learn more, email Molly Bancroft, Sweetland’s Undergraduate Program Coordinator mollyjb@umich.edu.

Global Communication: Rhetorical Approaches to Multilingual Conversation

Course Description: This course prepares students to lead Chat Cafe groups with multilingual undergraduates. Among the topics to be considered are seeking clarification, taking a position, celebrating successes and overcoming nervousness, approaching different communicative contexts, engaging in casual conversation, and using social media. Students in this course lead weekly conversation groups beginning in the second week of the semester. Students also observe one other Chat Cafe group and develop a creative outreach project that builds upon bi-weekly blog posts.

Course Requirements: Facilitation of eleven weekly Chat Cafe sessions. One observational visit to a colleague’s Chat Cafe. Regular attendance and active participation in weekly class sessions. Six bi-weekly blog posts reflecting on your experiences as a Chat Cafe facilitator and on the topics covered in class. “Cultural richness” creative capstone project.