Advanced Writing for International Students: Vocabulary & Grammar in Context

WRITING 340 supports upper-division multilingual students who want to combine the development of discipline-specific reading and writing skills. This course does not fulfill the Upper Level Writing Requirement, but it helps students prepare and succeed in those courses and academic writing in general. Students can enroll in this course before or concurrently their required ULWR course to receive additional help from this course. Students who have completed one semester ULWR course are also welcome to take this course if they want to further develop their academic and professional writing abilities. Assignments in this course include language revision exercises, short essays, professional presentation scripts, conference proposals, reviews, and research papers.  

Specifically, in this class students will:

  • Expand their discipline-specific vocabulary while learning to set and accomplish appropriate vocabulary-acquisition goals;
  • Recognize and apply successfully to their own writing the grammatical, stylistic, and rhetorical conventions unique to their respective academic disciplines;
  • Recognize and learn to apply consistently those strategies that help them read and write successfully both within their own disciplines and across disciplines;
  • Develop the knowledge of writing as a process, and be able to improve their writing through revision
  • Develop insights into their strengths and weaknesses as readers and writers in their respective disciplines through reflective writing and conversation with others.