Advanced Rhetoric and Research - Writing in the Sciences

Not offered in Winter 2016.

This is a writing-intensive course that is intended for science majors as well as those interested in learning more about science writing and how scientific research can be communicated to a broad audience. This course fulfills the ULWR.

Through in-class activities and writing assignments, students will improve their core writing skills with an emphasis on editing and revising assignments for clarity and conciseness. Students will also improve technical science writing abilities such how to present data and information accurately as well how to generate content and graphics for an intended audience. This course will also help students develop scientific research skills, such as how to find appropriate publications, how to critically analyze journal articles, and how to track, compile, distill and present complex data and information. Class meetings will focus on active discussions about science writing as well as involve writing workshops and peer review of major assignments. Course content and assignments are designed to accommodate a range of students, as our ultimate goal will be to examine the variety of ways in which scientific information is communicated to diverse audiences.

This offering of the course will focus on the special topic of Climate Change. Through our readings and writing assignments, we will investigate various aspects of this topic by examining the empirical evidence for climate change as well as investigating the ecological and human health effects associated with a changing climate. Course readings will be from a range of genres, including peer-reviewed articles, policy-specific publications, and excerpts from popular science books.