Become a Peer Writing Consultant


The Peer Writing Consultant Program is an excellent way for undergraduate students from across the University to get involved in consulting with their peers about written communication. Becoming a writing consultant gives you the opportunity to work with others on their writing, enjoying conversations about interesting topics, helping to solve writing challenges, and supporting effective writing processes. Once writing consultants enter the job market or go to graduate school, many of them find that the program has given them important experience relating to people, working collaboratively, and engaging in rigorous thinking. Online Writing Lab (OWL) consultants value the hands-on experience they gain with writing and communicating in networked environments.

  • Call for faculty nominations are sent out in early October
  • The Winter 2016 application will be posted here in October
  • Application deadline is Monday, October 26th

How Do I Become a Peer Writing Consultant at Sweetland?

There are two ways to enter the program:

  1. You may be nominated by an instructor who is familiar with your writing and interpersonal skills. Each fall and winter term, Sweetland emails faculty across campus to ask them to nominate students for the program. When you are nominated, you will receive an email from Sweetland, inviting you to apply to the Peer Writing Consultant Program. The application includes writing an essay and submitting an academic writing sample from a University of Michigan course.
  2. You may apply to the program by downloading and completing the application linked to this page. The application includes writing an essay and submitting an academic writing sample from a University of Michigan course. As part of your application, you must request a confidential letter of recommendation from an instructor who is familiar with your writing and interpersonal skills. Ask the instructor to send this letter directly to

Completed applications (see Submitting Your Application below) are reviewed by Sweetland's faculty, and top applicants are invited to enroll in WRITING 300: Seminar in Peer Writing Consulting, a one-semester course taught in Fall and Winter each year.

If you excel in all aspects of WRITING 300, and we have programmatic need for new consultants, you will be invited to join the Peer Writing Consultant Program.

At that point, you will enroll in WRITING 301: Directed Peer Writing Consulting. Upon successful completion of 301, you may be invited to join our staff as a paid consultant. As a member of the staff, you’ll attend staff meetings and consult for pay for a total of roughly 5-10 hours per week.

Submitting Your Application

The Fall 2015 application deadline is Noon, Monday, March 23rd.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click on “Membership” in the sidebar, and then click on “Joinable Sites” at the top.
  3. In the search bar, search for “Sweetland PWC Program.” In the worksite list, the recruitment site should populate. Click on “join” under the site name.
  4. Click on “Drop Box” in the sidebar, and in the “Add” drop-down menu, click “Upload Files.” Upload your application materials:
    • your peer consultant application form as a single .pdf file, named according to these conventions: “Lastname_Firstname_PWCapW15”; and
    • a PDF of your unofficial transcript (see instructions above).

Opportunities for Employment

Outstanding consultants who have completed the required courses may be selected to provide consultations for pay during future terms.

In addition, the Sweetland Center for Writing hires two graduating undergraduates who have completed one of the following: the Sweetland Peer Writing Consultant Program or the Sweetland Minor in Writing to work as paid interns from mid-May through mid-August. Interns work 15-20 hours per week between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday-Friday. Interns will work closely with each other and Sweetland staff and faculty on several writing center initiatives. Click here for more information on Sweetland Summer Internships for Graduating Peer Writing Consultants.