International Student Support


Sweetland provides support for all multilingual and international undergraduate students who are making the transition into the U-M community. Small class size, credit-bearing courses, appointments with experienced instructors to discuss writing, peer writing centers at several campus locations, lab experiences and conversation groups that address oral language issues--these are some of the ways Sweetland serves multilingual students. Visit us in North Quad and learn more.

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop is a free service that provides appointments with experienced instructors who address individual students' questions about writing assignments and drafts. We provide special sessions for international and multilingual undergraduates. When scheduling your Writing Workshop appointment choose the Multilingual Undergrads F15 option under "Choose a Schedule."

Peer Writing Consultations for Multilingual Writers

We welcome all international undergraduate students, who would like to receive one-to-one writing help from Sweetland-trained Peer Writing Consultants, to our Peer Writing Center in Angell Hall or our satellite offices in the Duderstadt Center, Alice Lloyd Hall, and the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. For more information and to make an appointment visit our In-Person Writing Support page.

Chat Cafe: Casual Conversation Groups

Chat Cafe conversation groups provide students an opportunity to improve their spoken English in a relaxed environment. Each group includes up to 6 undergraduate international and multilingual students and is led by one of our undergraduate, upper-level Peer Writing Consultants. Groups meet once a week. Read about Chat Cafe in LSA Today.

Recommended Resources

Watch our Advice from Multilingual Writers for Multilingual Writers video and hear helpful advice from first-year students.

See our Recommended Resources for links to resources on grammar and speaking, recommended reference works, and recommended reading materials.

Language Resource Center

Located across the hallway from Sweetland office in North Quad, the Language Resource Center offers the language learning programs Yabla and Tell Me More to supplement your language learning efforts. For more information visit the Language Resource Center website or stop by in-person (1500 North Quad).

Courses for International Students

Writing 119

In Writing 119: Style and Editing for International Students, students explore and discuss the rhetorical effectiveness of stylistic elements commonly found in American academic writing. Through this exploration and discussion, students expand the repertoire of language structures and vocabulary items upon which to draw in composing their own academic writing. Additionally, this exploration and discussion of stylistic elements help students acquire effective self-editing strategies. Students apply these editing strategies to the papers they write for their First-Year Writing Requirement courses or another course that requires writing.

Writing 120

Writing 120: College Writing for International Students is a course for international and multilingual students who feel most comfortable with academic writing in a language other than English. The components of this course, which include regular one-to-one meetings with the instructor; regular class discussions; reading assignments; opportunities for oral presentations; and frequent writing assignments, are designed to help students develop written fluency and improve their command over the textual, rhetorical, and grammatical conventions of English that are common to a variety of academic disciplines. It is recommended that multilingual students enroll in this three-credit course before enrolling in a course that meets the First-Year Writing Requirement.

Writing 240

Writing 240: Academic Communication for International Students is a course that helps international and multilingual students learn strategies for understanding US-style academic lectures and for creating their own lecture/presentations. Students analyze and produce key parts of lectures and presentations - openings, development and conclusions. Students also learn to participate in seminar-style classroom discussion by working together on projects and discussing what they produce.

Writing 340

Writing 340: Advanced Writing for International Students is a course that develops upper-level international/multilingual students' ability to communicate complex and discipline- specific materials clearly and effectively to academic and professional audiences. Students analyze and produce texts of a wide range of typical academic genres, including presentations, conference proposals, annotated bibliographies, critical reviews, and research papers.