2011 Prizes

First-Year Writing Prizes

Sweetland Prize for Outstanding Writing Portfolio

Vivien Dregely
My (Literary and College) Journey
SWC 100 (nominated by Matt Kelley)

Kathy Pham Choreography of Words
SWC 100 (nominated by Delia Decourcy)

Matt Kelley Prize for Excellence in First-Year Writing

Elizabeth Allison
American Pride and Prejudice: Yasuhiro Ishimoto in The Family of Man
LHSP 125 (nominated by Matt Kelley)

Olivia Postelli Moon Walk (1969)
RCCore 100 (nominated by Virginia Murphy)

Celebration of Excellence in Undergraduate Writing Photos

ULWR Poli Sci Winners

Special thanks to Sweetland lecturers Gina Brandolino and Alan Hogg for serving as the chairs of the Sweetland prize committee.

Upper-Level Writing Prizes

Sweetland Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (sciences)

Anna Cacciaglia An Odd Kind of Sympathy
English 325 (nominated by Sara Talpos)

Aimee Vester Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease
MCDB 397 (nominated by Laura Olsen)

Sweetland Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (social sciences)

Anton Camaj, Eileen Divringi, Jake Gatof, Nicole Johnson, Ji Won Moon, and Azure Nowara
Oh SNAP! The Real Cost of Cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
(nominated by Mika LaVaque-Manty)

Jennifer Sun
English Proficiency and Spousal Support are Associated with Higher Self-rated Health in a National Sample of Asian American Immigrants
(nominated by Perry Silverschanz)

Sweetland Prize for Excellence in Upper-Level Writing (humanities)

Deanna Willis A Break from Conventionality
SWC 300 (nominated by Matt Kelley)

Carly Friedman Miss Ann Philips: Via Air Mail
English 325 (nominated by Aric Knuth)