photo of 3 students carrying an insect net

Damselfly capture mission accomplished.

image of a class walking on a bog

Floating mat of moss supports shrubs and our Field Botany class.

Student walking through a fen in waders with a dip net.

Can't decide if "toe biter" is a real insect or if professor was joking. (He wasn't joking.)

Students looking through a window into the side of a trout-filled stream at the fish hatchery.

A visit to the Oden State Fish Hatchery.

Class photo for Forest Ecosystems taken on Pictured Rocks with Lake Superior in the background.

Class field trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

Student and professor sitting at at picnic table for office hours.

Office hours, Biological Station style.

Welcome to UMBS

Our students use the northern Great Lakes region as their classroom.  They learn about the world by spending each day immersed in it.  By visiting habitats, collecting samples and observing interactions students face and become adept at addressing challenges a lab can’t begin to replicate.  

And they do it side by side with friends and faculty in a highly interactive community.  Students and researchers spend each day talking, dining, and relaxing with each other.  Ideas are exchanged over ice cream.  These relationships are as important to advancing scientific knowledge as our research.

Through these interactions, participants become flexible thinkers and creative analysts – just the kind of people the world needs to address our most pressing global problems.

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