Summer Lecture Series

The Biological Station is pleased to present our 2014 Summer Lecture Series. All events are free and open to the public.

Lectures are at 7:30 p.m. in the Marian P. and David M. Gates Lecture Hall or the Alumni Room (located upstairs in the Gates Lecture Hall).

All-Camp Lectures address broad topics and are aimed at a general scientific audience. Research Seminars examine a research topic in greater depth. 

2014 Summer Lecture Series Calendar (PDF)


Wednesday, May 28 | All-Camp Lecture
Ecology and Conservation of the Kirtland’s Warbler on Its Bahamas Wintering Grounds
Dave Ewert, The Nature Conservancy, Michigan

Tuesday, July 15 | Hann All-Camp Lecture
Harmonizing Bird Conservation and Agricultural Production across Tropical Countryside
Daniel Karp, University of California, Berkeley

Wednesday, July 16 | Hann Research Seminar
Land Use Homogenizes Biodiversity and Restructures the Tree of Life
Daniel Karp, University of California, Berkeley

Tuesday, July 22 | All-Camp Lecture
The Echoes of Their Wings: the Life and Legacy of the Passenger Pigeon
Joel Greenberg, Author

Wednesday, July 23 | All-Camp Lecture
Hope Is the Thing with Feathers: Americans and Three Birds
Joel Greenberg, Author

Tuesday, July 29 | Bennett All-Camp Lecture
Synergistic Interactions Between Eutrophication and Climate Change: Implications for Water Quality in Lakes

Cayelan Carey, Virginia Tech

Wednesday, July 30 | Bennett Resarch Seminar
Nitrogen Limitation on Land: How Can It Exist in Earth System Models and What Are the Implications for Climate?

Quinn Thomas, Virginia Tech

Tuesday, August 5 | Pettingill All-Camp Lecture
Earthworms in the Northern Forest
Timothy Fahey, Cornell Unviersity

Wednesday, August 6 | Pettingill Research Seminar
Earthworms and Biogeochemistry of Carbon and Nitrogen
Timothy Fahey, Cornell University