Arranging to Conduct Research at UMBS

Applying to Live/Work at UMBS

If you plan to live at the U-M Biological Station and/or conduct research here, we need to know about you. The first step in this process is creating a secure user account on our Research Gateway.  Creating a user account will save your personal information to populate future forms including housing and research registration.  

Attention Researchers

The project lead must register the project first and give the exact project title to team members so they can register with the same project. Many projects are already registered with the Biological Station.

Before you register, be prepared to provide details about your current research project.

Once you have an account, you can Log In and provide the dates you'll be on-site, what equipment you are bringing or will need, and the nature of your research.  This helps ensure that your research will go as smoothly as possible and your accommodations will fit your needs.  We cannot begin to assign your housing or research facilities until you have submitted all the information requested in our New Housing Application.

Whether this will be your first time coming to the Station or you are a senior resident, please take time to read our Guide to Living and Working at the Biological Station.  It should answer many of your questions about daily life as well as familiarize you with community standards.

Research and Resident Fees

Community Living Standards

Building a Community Through Individual Responsbility