Participating Students - Amanda Lockwood

Amanda L. Lockwood
Purdue University
Enrollment Year: 2002
Email Address: alockwood at
Atmospheric Mentor: Paul Shepson, Purdue University
Biosphere Mentor: David Rhodes, Purdue University

Research Topics
The Role of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds' Emission in Forest Nitrogen Cycling

Changes in the global climate and atmosphere cause significant effects to the biosphere.  Forests respond to these global changes in various ways which all can affect their ability to store carbon.  A nitrogen-limited environment also limits forest growth and thus carbon storage.  The nitrogen from the atmosphere that is deposited and retained in the canopy, either by dry or wet deposition, is believed to be directly utilized by plants.  Our overall goal is to improve our understanding of the coupling of the nitrogen cycle with the carbon cycle by determining the amount of canopy uptake of a specific component of atmospheric organic nitrogen, isoprene nitrate, as a representative first test case.

Our hypothesis is that organic nitrogen deposition to the canopy is significant, and that nitrogen is utilized by trees.  This research will build on work completed during past summer intensives at the Program for Research on Oxidants: Photochemistry, Emissions, and Transport (PROPHET) tower and begin the next stage of research as part of the Biosphere Atmosphere Research & Training program (BART) at the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS).  We plan to use flow-through leaf cuvettes to measure the uptake of the 15N-isoprene nitrate in aspen leaves by flowing the isoprene nitrates across the leaves and measuring the uptake from the gas phase, and to look for utilization of that nitrogen in the individual leaf tissue.

Current Work
Amanda is currently an Assistant Proffesor in the Department of Chemistry at Clarion University in Pennsylvania.

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