Participating Students - Dale Trexel


Dale Trexel
University of Minnesota
Enrollment Year: 2003
Atmospheric Mentor: Edward Swain, University of Minnesota
Biosphere Mentor: Francie Cuthbert, University of Minnesota

Research Topics
Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Mercury Bioaccumulation in Minnesota's Lakes: Which Landscape Factors Affect the Deposition-Bioaccumulation Process?

Mercury levels in fish in Minnesota vary from lake to lake, and fish consumption advisories for humans have generally been approached on a lake-by-lake basis. Little study has been done asking why bioaccumulation varies and what factors cause this variation. By looking at the spatial patterns of bioaccumulation rates, as well as change in these rates over time, I hope to provide a better understanding of the factors which affect mercury bioaccumulation in Minnesota’s fish. I will look for evidence of large scale (regional) factors such as variation in deposition, climate or geology, and I will look for small scale (e.g., individual lake watershed) factors such as the amount of wetlands that drain into a lake.

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