Participating Students - Doug Martins

Doug Martins
Purdue University
Enrollment Year: 2003
Email Address: dkm18 at
Atmospheric Mentor: Paul Shepson, Purdue University
Biosphere Mentor: Tilden Meyers, NOAA, ATDD

Research Topics
The development of a light-aircraft flux measurement system for determinations of fluxes of CO2 and odd-nitrogen compounds Recent increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gas concentrations present a concern in the global warming issue. CO2 has risen approximately 16% over the past 50 years and is almost exclusively attributed to anthropogenic sources. A major terrestrial carbon sink has been noted in the forests of North America due to a considerable storage of this carbon within the woody tissue of vegetation, dead or alive. In order to assess our current global warming situation and to predict further global warming and its impacts, it is necessary to understand the exchange rates of carbon within North American forests. This project proposes to use a low-cost, flexible, light aircraft-based flux measurement system to examine the relationship between organic nitrogen compounds and CO2 sequestration. To do this, isoprene nitrate flux measurements will be obtained using a disjunct eddy accumulation (DEA) method. Comparing flux measurements of H2O with simultaneous eddy covariance flux measurements will test this method. The reliability of the DEA method and eddy covariance method from the aircraft will be evaluated by comparing the aircraft data to surface-flux measurements from the PROPHET and Ameriflux towers at the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS). By comparing isoprene nitrate and CO2 fluxes, we will be able to examine the affect of organic nitrogen on carbon sequestration.

Current Work
Doug is currently conducting research in atmopsheric chemistry as a Post Doc at Penn State University.

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