Participating Students - Jennifer Hutton

Jennifer Hutton
Indiana University
Enrollment Year: 2000
Email Address: jennifer.hutton at
Atmospheric Mentor: Hans Peter Schmid, Indiana University
Biosphere Mentor: Maxine Watson, Indiana University

Research Topics
Biogenic Emissions and Transport of Trace Gases In and Over a Northern Hardwood Ecosystem

The research proposed here concentrates on transport of isoprene through the canopy of a mixed forest and in the lower boundary layer.  Measurements of turbulence will be used in conjunction with source estimates and oxidant concentrations to relate the transport and chemical processing of isoprene to its vertical concentration profile in a northern hardwood forest.  This research will be conducted in close cooperation with a number of long-term research projects at the UMBS-flux and PROPHET sites, include the UMBS-flux project of Teeri et al. (1996, 1999) and the isoprene flux project of Lamb and Westberg (1997).  The overall objective of the study is to investigate the relative roles of the isoprene production regime (in time and space), the turbulent mixing potential, and chemical transformations in establishing observed concentration profiles and time series.  The intended focus is on the joint chronology of these processes and the shift in their function, especially in the transition from daytime production to nighttime decay of isoprene.

Current Work:
Jennifer is currently  a Strategic Information Officer at the University of Cumbria, UK