Participating Students - Joseph Bump


Joseph Bump
Michigan Technological University 
Enrollment Year: 2003
Email Address: jkbump at
Atmospheric Mentor: Richard Honrath, Michigan Tech University
Biosphere Mentor: Rolf Peterson, Michigan Tech University

Research Topics
Animals as Monitors of Changes in Atmosperic Carbon Isotopes: Recent data suggest that animal-derived carbon isotope chronologies, especially from higher, terrestrial trophic levels, accurately reflect changes in the isotopic composition of atmospheric carbon. The isotopic composition of atmospheric carbon is useful in the context of global carbon modeling as an indicator of the relative contributions and reactivities of various carbon reservoirs. This project seeks to improve our understanding of how the carbon isotope signature of the atmosphere changes across trophic levels as a basis for evaluating the utility of using animal remains for accurate reconstruction of the historical isotopic composition of atmospheric carbon dioxide. Experimental and correlative studies of animal remains and atmospheric carbon isotope values will be used to address the utility of using animal remains in this context.


Current Work

Joseph is currently an Assistant Professor at Michigan Technological University in the school of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences. His research interests focus on the following areas:
1) Trophic control of ecosystem function
2) Resource flow among ecosystems
3) Stable isotope techniques in wildlife ecology

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