Participating Students - Julianne Heinlein

Julianne Heinlein
Michigan State University
Enrollment Year: 2002
Email Address: heinlei2 at
Atmospheric Mentor: Steven Bertman, Western Michigan University
Biosphere Mentor: R. Jan Stevenson, Michigan State University

Research Topics:
Ozone-Induced Changes to Algal Communities

Our overall research objective is to characterize a link between atmospheric ozone concentrations and the aquatic biosphere by determining the effects of ozone dissolution on algae-based ecosystems.  Because of ozone's great reactivity, the nature of its effect on algal communities may be very complex with several probable mechanisms for affecting aquatic communities.  Therefore, we propose a broad, exploratory approach, in which we measure several community parameters potentially affected by the oxidative changes occurring with ozone dissolution.  The great value of such a research approach has been shown by the early exploratory studies of the effects of UV radiation on algae, in which several widely varying consequences were observed (Bothwell et al. 1993, Bothwell et al. 1994).  These pioneering works spawned a fertile new area of research that is still very active today.

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