Participating Students - Lucas Nave

Lucas Nave
Ohio State University
Enrollment Year: 2004
Email Address: lukenave at
Atmospheric Mentor: Paul Shepson, Purdue University
Biosphere Mentor: Peter Curtis, The Ohio State University

Research Topics
Forest canopy uptake and ecosystem partitioning of wet nitrogen deposition: Atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition is one result of human alteration of the global N cycle. Nitrogen deposition affects plant metabolism, growth and allocation, and water relations. Since N is typically the major limiting nutrient in terrestrial ecosystem processes, it is linked to the carbon (C) cycle, and N deposition may interact with ecosystem C cycling by changing C sink strength. In addition to receiving N inputs, plants and ecosystems can be sources of N to the atmosphere. Plants emit gaseous N from metabolic processes, and N-saturated ecosystems lose N to the atmosphere through leaching and denitrification. I propose to utilize mesocosms and 15N labeling to investigate pathways for atmospheric N uptake, as well as the partitioning of deposited N into different ecosystem pools, including release back to the atmosphere. By following the movement of 15N through these mesocosms, I will investigate ecological interactions between N deposition and C cycling. I also will measure plant physiological responses to N deposition and quantify canopy-level interception of wet deposited N at the UMBS~Flux C cycle science site.

Current Work
Luke Currently works at the University of Michigan Biological Station for Knute Nadelhoffer studying nitrogen cycling in the forest succession experiment, FASET

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