Participating Students - Lucas Neil


Lucas Neil
University of Michigan
Enrollment Year: 2003
Email Address: ljneil at
Atmospheric Mentor: Mary Anne Carroll, University of Michigan
Biosphere Mentor: Dave Ellsworth, University of Michigan

Research Topics
Assessing the Effect of Ozone on Isoprene Emissions at the University of Michigan Biological Station: Chemicals added to the atmosphere by anthropogenic emissions have increased the abundance of tropospheric ozone. A major effect on plants of increased ozone concentrations is the disruption of metabolic function. Ozone can also alter patterns of plant carbon allocation. The effect of carbon allocation in plants could affect CO2 uptake as well as VOC emissions. However, little research has been conducted to observe any effect on emissions from increased ozone fluxes. Both isoprene and ozone are chemically active atmospheric gases. The dominant source of isoprene is deciduous vegetation, while tropospheric ozone has incrased dramatically due to anthropogenic emissions. Any link between the atmospheric abundance of ozone and the biogenically emitted isoprene could have possible effects on carbon uptake and storage. The focus of this effort is to study the effects of ozone fluxes on isoprene emissions from aspen (Populus tremuloides) and possibly oak (Quercus robur) trees. To observe any connection between isoprene emissions and ozone fluxes, we propose to measure ambient fluxes at UMBS. Chamber experiments will also be performed to identify any potential connection between ozone fluxes and isoprene emissions.

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