Participating Students - Melissa Galloway

Melissa Galloway
University of Wisconsin, Department of Chemistry
BART Enrollement Year: 2008
Email:  mmgalloway at
Atmospheric Mentor:  Frank Keutsch
Biospheric Mentor:  Tom Sharkey

Research Topic:

Model studies of isoprene, ozone, and SOA feedback mechanisms


The interactions between isoprene, ozone, and secondary organic aerosol are poorly understood,but may play an important role in biosphere-atmosphere feedback mechanisms. Continuous, measurements of gas phase glyoxal are proposed at the PROPHET/Ameriflux site of the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS). Glyoxal measurements will be used as a critical part of a model that is being developed to perform a sensitivity analysis on the feedback between isoprene emissions, ozone, and SOA. The model can eventually be used to provide insight into the interactions occurring at this or similar sites between the biosphere and atmosphere, including the coupled effects of atmospheric conditions on both isoprene emission and SOA growth, as well as the feedback mechanisms between isoprene, ozone, and aerosols that are currently not well understood.

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