Program Description

Biosphere-atmosphere interactions can profoundly affect living organisms, the ecosystems they inhabit, and the atmosphere around them. From atmospheric transport and deposition of heavy metals to the effects of ground-level ozone on freshwater algal communities, the biosphere and atmosphere are inextricably linked. Through a novel residential, total immersion experience, BART students are trained to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, which they then use to address a variety of key questions about biosphere-atmosphere interactions.


During two summers at the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS), students participate in a series of educational activities involving ongoing research programs that prepare them to conduct their own innovative research at the biosphere-atmosphere interface. UMBS offers an exciting combination of cutting-edge research programs, excellent facilities, and leading researchers. Between summers, BART students continue their training at their home institutions during the academic year.

Each year up to eight students (must be US citizen or permanent resident) are awarded a 1-year BART fellowship, renewable for a second year contingent upon student progress.

Each BART fellow receives:

  • $30,000/year stipend
  • Travel to UMBS for two summers and $500 each for travel to two scientific conferences
  • Lodging/dining/researcher fees at UMBS for up to three summers
  • Negotiation of tuition with home university 
  • Funds up to $2000 for equipment and supplies

Each student:

  • Completes an intensive 9-week cornerstone experience at UMBS
  • Conducts innovative research in biosphere-atmosphere interactions
  • Completes three approved academic courses at his/her home institution
  • Participates in group internet assignments
  • Attends two BART conferences and two professional conferences