Raven Garvey

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Raven Garvey

Assistant Curator of Circumpolar Archaeology
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

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    Research interests: Human ecology; hunter-gatherers; stone technologies; adaptations to marginal environments and climate change; economic anthropology; Patagonia

    I study the influences of ecological, demographic, and social factors on prehistoric hunter-gatherers’ behaviors and broader cultural change through timeMy current projects in Patagonia use simple economic models incorporating these factors to generate predictions of hunter-gatherer settlement and resource use at different times in the past. For example, I recently modeled potential responses to a widespread and prolonged trend of warmer, drier conditions during the middle Holocene (8000–4000 years ago) and then gathered data using large-scale archaeological surveys, geochemical and microscopic studies of obsidian (volcanic glass), and morphometric analyses of stone tools to test the models’ predictions. I believe that understanding interactions between humans and their environments and examining the degree to which ecological conditions constrain and influence culture will help us understand larger trajectories of adaptive cultural change.