John D. Speth

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Curator of North American Archaeology,
Museum of Anthropological Archaeology;
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Anthropology

4005 Museums Bldg, 1109 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

Office Location(s): 218-A West Hall
Fax: 734-763-6077

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    • Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
    • Department of Anthropology
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    Research interests:  Hunters and gatherers (past and present); archaeology of North America; Southwestern archaeology; Plains-Pueblo interaction; Paleoindian; Middle Paleolithic (Europe and Near East); evolution of human diet; hunting; zooarchaeology

    Selected Publications:

    2011 (Speth, John D., Liliane Meignen, Ofer Bar-Yosef, Paul Goldberg), The Spatial Organization of Middle Paleolithic Occupation X in Kebara Cave (Israel): The Concentrations of Animal Bones. Quaternary International (in press, early online 11 March, 2011).

    2011 (Speth, John D., Khori Newlander, Andrew A. White, Ashley K. Lemke, and Lars E. Anderson), Early Paleoindian Big-Game Hunting in North America: Provisioning or Politics? Quaternary International (in press, early online 3 December, 2010).

    2010 (Speth, John D.), The Paleoanthropology and Archaeology of Big-Game Hunting: Protein, Fat, or Politics? Interdisciplinary Contributions to Archaeology. New York, NY: Springer.

    2004 (Goren-Inbar, Naama, and John D. Speth, editors), Human Paleoecology in the Levantine Corridor. Oxford, England: Oxbow Press.

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