John R. Alden

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Research Affiliate, Museum of Anthropological Archaeology

Ruthven Museums Bldg, 1109 Geddes Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079

Phone: 734.764.0485
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    • Museum of Anthropological Archaeology
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    Research interests: SW Iran, INAA analysis, Inca road, early states, regional analysis using surface survey data.

    Works In Progress:

    “Chapter 4: Stratigraphy and Ceramics: The H1 Sounding.” Ms prepared for John R. Alden, ed.,  Anshan in the 2nd Millennium BC: The GHI Excavations at Tal-e Malyan, Iran. Malyan Excavation Reports Series, Vol. IV, University of Pennsylvania.

    “The Kur River Basin in the Late 4th and 3rd Millennia BC—Ceramics, Settlement, and Socio-Political Organization.” Ms submitted for publication in Cameron Petrie, ed., Ancient Iran and Its Neighbours.

    “INAA Analysis of Ceramics From Three Iranian Sites: Compositional Signatures and Evidence for Ceramic Exchange as Seen From Tal-e Geser,” by John R. Alden, Leah Minc, and Abbas Alizadeh. Ms submitted for publication in Abbas Alizadeh, Final Report on the Excavations at Tal-e Geser.