32. The Sandy Ridge and Halstead Paleo-Indian Sites: Unifacial Tool Use and Gainey Phase Definition in South-Central Ontario

Author(s): Lawrence J. Jackson



This study fills in some missing links in the Michigan-Ontario Paleo-Indian record. Jackson focuses on the Gainey phase. Lacking fluted projectile points, Jackson uses primarily end scrapers to study use-related variation and stylistic variation. This volume includes detailed tabulations and measurements, as well as a phytolith analysis as part of the Paleo-climate study.

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Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

Month of Publication: January

Year of Publication: 1998

Location: Ann Arbor, MI

# of Pages: 165

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ISBN: 978-0-915703-45-6

Monograph Series / Number: Memoirs, 32

Tables / Illustrations: 52 tables, 43 illustr.