36. The Sola Valley and the Monte Albán State: A Study of Zapotec Imperial Expansion

Author(s): Andrew K. Balkansky



Balkansky's full-coverage survey of the Sola Valley, 65 km southwest of Oaxaca City, documents 120 sites. By combining his data with that of 13 other regions of Oaxaca, he produces a model for Zapotec state expansion that integrates colonization, diplomacy, and military conquest. He also reflects on the origins of the cacicazgo and the indiscriminate application of "world system" models. The book includes chapters on shell artifacts by L.M. Nicholas and G.M. Feinman, and the carved stones of the Sola region by J. Marcus. This monograph is Vol. 12 of the subseries Prehistory and Human Ecology of the Valley of Oaxaca.

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Publisher: Museum of Anthropology

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Year of Publication: 2002

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Monograph Series / Number: Memoirs, 36

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