Museum of Anthropology curators actively conduct archaeological research around the globe. Current research projects explore a wide range of significant questions, striving to understand the beginnings of human culture, the organization of hunter and gatherer societies, the creation of early farming communities, and the emergence and consolidation of sociopolitical inequalities in early chiefdoms, states, and empires.  

1. Michigan:  John O’Shea, Henry Wright
2. Southeastern U.S.:  Robin Beck (North Carolina)
3. Southwestern U.S.:  John Speth (New Mexico)
4. Mexico:  Joyce Marcus, Kent Flannery
5. South America:  Joyce Marcus (Peru), Kent Flannery (Peru), Robin Beck (Bolivia)
6. Europe:  Robert Whallon (Montenegro), John O’Shea (Hungary, Romania)
7. Near East:  Richard Redding (Egypt), Henry Wright (Syria), John Speth (Israel)
8. Madagascar:  Henry Wright
9. South and Southeast Asia:  Carla Sinopoli (India, Philippines)
10. East Asia:  Henry Wright (China)