Planetarium Group Programs

The Museum's Planetarium offers a variety of live and pre-recorded programs for students, all with a question-and-answer period. Elements of the current curricular standards are addressed in most programs. Two live programs, “Mix and Match” and “Sun, Earth, and Moon” have specific ties to these standards.

A second set of group programs called "Full Dome Experiences" takes advantage of our new digital projection technology to offer students unique explorations. Full dome movies, averaging 25 minutes in length, immerse students in different environments, turning the entire planetarium dome into a projection screen. More than just movies, these films take students to places that can’t be imagined any other way. Given their shorter running time, we offer you the option to add on a fifteen-minute live topic at no extra charge. You can see the list below. This allows you to customize the program, get more out of your experience, and brings the entire program time to 45–50 minutes.

Click "Full Dome Experiences" for a list of these programs.

The Exhibit Museum Planetarium offers over a dozen different shows for school and community groups.  There are shows specific to or scalable for pre-school through adult audiences.  Most shows correlate with Michigan Curriculum Framework objectives in science, history, and/or social studies.

There is an extensive section on the Planetarium within this website that has show descriptions, scheduling information, resources to prepare for a visit, and more.