Astronomy Links and Pre-Visit Materials

The following resources are provided for educators, but anyone might find them useful.

  • The astronomy links will take you to a Moon phase calculator, the NASA home page, and a schedule for meteor showers.
  • The pre-visit materials are provided for most of our group programs. Please note that these are PDF files that can be printed and used with students to prepare for a Planetarium show.
Astronomy Links
The Nine Planets Subscribe to the Planetarium E-Mail List
Moon Phase Almanac Complete Sun and Moon Data by Day
NASA Moon Phase Calendar
Meteor Showers  
Pre-Visit Materials for Group Planetarium Shows
Wonderful Rocket (PDF) Musical Sky (NA)
Mix and Match (NA) Star Talk (PDF)
Sun, Earth, Moon (PDF) Solar System Live! (PDF)
  Stories My Ancestors Told (PDF)