Temporary Exhibits

Exhibit on 4th Floor

Fourth Floor: Explore Evolution

Explore Evolution

Explore Evolution examines evolution at work on a number of species, from microscopic viruses to giant whales, with humans and our close relatives the chimpanzees thrown in the mix. Explore Evolution was produced by the University of Nebraska and the Science Museum of Minnesota, with contributions from several experts in evolutionary science— including U-M’s own Philip Gingerich, whose work on fossil whales is featured.

Fourth Floor: Extreme Time

Through August 31, 2016

Think you know all about time?  What about things that happen in femtoseconds or eons?  Time in the natural world is so extreme, you can’t even perceive most of its scale unaided. You’ll be amazed by the types of time you can explore in our new exhibit, and learn more about everyday time and how we measure it, too!