Summer Camp

Get ready for a great summer at Camp Explorations!

Camp Explorations takes place at the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. All Camp Explorations programs include daily experiments, hands-on activities, related games, journaling, and plenty of play! Every session is a new experience. If your child is enrolled in an all-day session, lunch is between 12:00-1:00 PM and is supervised.

Questions? Visit our camp FAQ's page or call (734) 647-6421.

Aftercare: Aftercare is available following all afternoon Camp Explorations sessions. Quiet games and activities are provided, and free play is encouraged. Relax after a long day of fun.  
All ages - 4:00-6:00 PM - $50 per week

Price: $175 per AM or PM session (except session 3 which is $140). 
           $130 per Little Explorers session.

See what Camp Explorations campers did in past sessions!

New This Year!

We are offering 3 weeks of camp for our littlest explorers!

Little Explorers8:30 AM - 12:00 PM Ages 4-5 (15 camper limit)

Week 1 Animal Explorers
Animals are amazing! Animals will come alive with movement and music activities, exciting outdoor and indoor play, and animal art projects.
25 - 29
Waitlist Open Dinosaur Explorers
Calling all dinosaur lovers!  Learn how to spot a dinosaur, dig for dinosaur bones and be a paleontologist
8 - 12
Waitlist Open


Science Explorers
Do you want to be a paleontologist?... A biologist?... An astronaut?  This fun-filled week is for you.  Each day we will explore new science topics.
August 15 - 19


Morning Sessions8:00 AM-12:00 PM Ages 6-12 (45 camper limit)

Week 1

I Dig Archaeology
Learn the techniques and tools used by real archaeologists.  Analyze artifacts, explore Archaic campsites, and excavate artifacts on your own archaeological dig!

June 20 - 24

Week 2

Adventures in Chemistry
Learn all about matter with kid-friendly physical and chemical reactions.  Make your own pH Tie Dye, solar-powered prints and explore food chemistry!

June 27 - July 1

Week 3

Digging up the Past  
Unearth different eras from the past from dinosaurs to lost civilizations, from fossils to Ancient Greece and more!

July 5 - 8

No camp on July 4

Week 4

Space Explorers 
Blast off into space as you design and build a rocket, complete astronaut training and explore space.

July 11 - 15

Week 5

Emerging Engineers 
Begin your discovery of the field of engineering by designing and testing crash test cars, building skyscrapers and learning about circuits.

July 18 - 22

Week 6

Wild Adaptations 
Animals can perform some wild feats!  Learn what helps them fight off predators, soar through the skies, and dive to the depths of the ocean—and even talk to some deep sea scientists from the Creep into the DEEPENDTM program.

(The Creep into the DEEPENDTM program is a WhaleTimes, Inc. education program where the campers will join marine biologists virtually as they explore the deep sea in the Gulf of Mexico.)

July 25 - 29

Week 7

CSI: Ann Arbor 
Solve it with science! Run your own crime lab and use different kinds of science to crack the case!

August 1 - 5

Week 8

Natural Science Extravaganza 
Experience a new natural science topic each day. Learn about dinosaurs, space and animals all in one week! Activities are not repeated from other sessions, so campers enrolled in other weeks will have a great time, too!

August 8 - 12

Week 9

Outdoor Explorers
Learn how to build shelters, tie knots, purify water and track animals.  Make your own compass and then practice using it as you explore the University’s campus.

August 15 - 19


Afternoon Sessions1:00-4:00 PM Ages 6-12 (45 camper limit)

Week 1 Astronomy Adventures
It’s an outta this world adventure! Explore the stars, planets, galaxies and the rest of our incredible universe. Visit the night sky in our Planetarium, make your own solar system on a string and launch your own “rockets”.

June 20 - 24

Week 2 Creature Features
Learn all about furry, feathery, and scaly creatures and the world we share with them.  Campers will get to meet some live animal visitors, too!

June 27 - July 1

Week 3 Science Sampler
Try a little bit of all the science topics! Science sampler topics include chemistry, physics and engineering. Activities are not repeated from other sessions, so campers enrolled in other weeks will have a great time, too!

July 5 - 8

No camp on July 4

Week 4 Fun with Physics
Explore the science of motion, sound and light. Campers will dissect a cow eye, make their own catapult and learn about electricity and circuits.

July 11 - 15

Week 5 Dinosaur Mysteries 
Solve prehistoric mysteries with paleontology!  Use your detective skills to learn about different sizes of dinosaurs, fossils and trackways.  Learn what happened to the dinosaurs, how we know and why we can still see their relatives today.

July 18  - 22

Week 6 Archaeology Quest
Explore lost civilizations! Dig up the pasts of ancient Rome, China and more.

July 25 - 29

Week 7 Nature Detectives
Dig into the mysteries of nature and science first-hand. We’ll explore local nature areas and learn about some of the plants and animals you see every day, and some you don’t.

August 1 - 5

Week 8 Paleontology Rocks
Can you dig it? Travel back in time to discover the ancient world of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. How were their fossils formed and what do they tell us?

August 8 - 12

Week 9 Best of Camp Explorations
This week celebrates the best activities from Camp Explorations. We bring back all of the favorites from previous weeks and years. Campers will launch rockets, build an alarm, visit the Planetarium and explore the Arb.

August 15 - 19



Register your child for 2016 Camp Explorations! 

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Mail: University of Michigan Museum of Natural History
1109 Geddes Ave., Room 1011
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079 

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